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Breeds at Risk Register

DEFRA in partnership with the devolved administrations in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales  is setting up a register of farms with rare breeds. In the event of an outbreak of Foot of Mouth Disease this register will be used by local government vets to check which herds may be eligible for vaccination. The register will cover the whole of the United Kingdom

BPA’s investments in computer technology mean that we can transfer all the required information directly from our pedigree database to the DEFRA register. BPA members do NOT have to register directly with DEFRA or with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. 

If you have signed up to the BPA’s data protection policy your details will automatically be transferred to the DEFRA register. You can check your status in the Members Area from where you can also print out the form for signature.

Remember you have to register with DEFRA if you own a pig so all we are doing is confirming that you own rare breed pigs. DEFRA already have your name and address and we are just telling them how many pigs you have from any of the rare breeds.

In order for DEFRA to match their records to our records we must have your Herdmark as well as your CPH number. This information is also required for your BPA membership so we should have it already. Please check all these details are correct by using the Members Area of the BPA website from where you can make any changes and you can check your BAR status.

The breeds which are considered “at risk” at present are:

Berkshire, British Saddleback, Gloucestershire Old Spots, Large Black, Middle White, Oxford Sandy & Black, Tamworth and Welsh. 

Even if you do not keep any of these breeds at present it is important that we have your correct details. The status of each breed may change from time to time so it is important that we have the correct information about your herd and that we also have your permission to pass it on to DEFRA. Please make sure that we have your complete details and that you have signed our BPA data protection policy.

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