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Logo: The Poplarburn Herd of Pedigree Pigs

The Poplarburn herd was established in 1946 by the late Arthur Gregory and has been successfully maintained by his son William. The herd originally began with Large Blacks, but in 1952 Arthur bought a Large White of the Lady Mollington bloodline which is still present in the herd today. The herd currently consists of numerous Large White bloodlines and several of the rare breed British Lop.

For over half a century the herd has been successful in the show ring at many of the country’s county shows, including RASE, Newark, Lincoln, Lancashire and the Great Yorkshire Show. Poplarburn pigs have won the prestigious ‘Pig of the Year’ award for the best young pig in the country on no less than 8 occasions, and numerous supreme championships. Having an eye for a good pig has led William to be a highly respected judge, and his judging services are sought after in the show ring also.

The Poplarburn name has reached the extremities of the globe, with sales of breeding pigs over the years extending to 25 different countries. Our pigs have also seen fame, appearing on several film and television productions.




The large white originated in Yorkshire but is now a breed popular throughout the world. They are hardy pigs and are highly adaptable to a wide range of management systems, performing well whether kept intensively, on an outdoor unit or anywhere in between. It is an exceptionally versatile breed which can produce top quality porkers, cutters, baconers or heavies. They are a favourite market animal and can be successfully crossed to improve other breeds in commercial pig production.

Large white male bloodlines:
Prince, Royal Turk, Weiss, Uisto

Large white female bloodlines:
Blackberry, Queen Mary, Lady Mollington, Greta, Fanny, Dainty Girl, Beautiful


Poplarburn Lady Mollington 142


The British Lop is a multi-purpose breed. As a purebred it is suitable for pork and bacon, when crossed they make excellent commercial pigs. They successfully sire other minority breeds producing well fleshed offspring for pork and cutter markets.

British Lops are hardy pigs traditionally run outdoors. Sows make excellent mothers, are characteristically docile and easily managed.

British lop male bloodlines:
Ben, Duke, Charles

British lop female bloodlines:
Harmony, Sunshine, Actress

William and Linda Gregory with Poplarburn Queen Mary 107

   Pedigree stock available for breeding or commercial use
Ø   Traditional pedigree Large White and British Lops available
Ø   Traditional and rare breed pork
Ø   Excellent carcass quality
Ø   Telephone enquiries welcome

Contact William and Linda Gregory
A Gregory and Son, Hollins Farm, West Lane,
Burn, Selby, North Yorkshire. YO8 8LR

Telephone: 01757 270673


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