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Breeds at Risk AI

What is it?
The purpose of the scheme is to provide an Artificial Insemination service for breeds at risk so that the maximum number of purebred litters can be produced.

Which breeds are available?

You can use the Search for Pigs facility in the Pedigree Pigs section to get an up to date list of pedigree boars available. Click on Search for Pig and select Breed and AI boars. Leave the county or region blank.

What are the pedigrees of the boars?
You can click on the boars name in the interactive list to get a full pedigree

How do I order semen?
Semen should be ordered direct from the AI centre at Deerpark Pedigree Pigs:
- Telephone: 028 79 386287
- Fax: 028 79 386511
- www.deerpark-pigs.com

How much does it cost?
For each sow you want to breed you will receive 3 bottles of semen and three disposable insemination catheters. The cost is 20 plus postage and packing.

What if I have never used AI before?
The insemination technique is not hard to learn and we have prepared a leaflet explaining the procedures for heat detection and insemination that will be sent out with each order. Click here to download a copy

Deerpark Pedigree Pigs
JJ Genetics
Glenmarshal Sires
Elite Sires

The above AI centres offer semen from breeds such as Large White, Landrace, Welsh, Duroc, Hampshire and Pietrain.


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