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Our Breeds

Our newly-expanded website now contains a profile of each of the breeds represented by the BPA, which has been taken from our recent publication, "British Pig Breeds". For more specialist knowledge, we encourage you to contact the appropriate breed representative or club, some of which now have a website.

An Overview of the Pedigree Breeds
The Story of the Traditional Breeds
The Story of the Modern Breeds
Breed Representatives


Our members and colleagues are often specialists in their chosen areas of pig breeding and maintain local clubs particular to a given breed. Where these clubs are known to the BPA, we have included a link to their official website.

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If we've missed your club, contact us to say so

Shows and Events

Updated judges list and rules are available as well as links to BPA sponsored shows. For more details follow this link to the shows page. This area of our website will keep you posted of forthcoming events and provide guidelines and information for show-goers and exhibitors.

In This Section... One or Richard Vaughan's sows (4.9k)

A brief overview of each of the breeds
The stories of our modern and traditional breeds
Elected Breed representatives
Show Committee
Conservation Committee
Links to and contact details for breeds clubs
Events and shows

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