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Breed Standards

Each Pedigree Breed has its own set of Breed Standards or Standards of Excellence. Only pigs which meet the breed standards can be registered in the Herdbook. Click on any of the links below to see the Breed Standards for that breed. If you have any questions about the Breed Standard please contact your Breed Representative.

Berkshire   British Saddleback   Duroc   Gloucester Old Spots
The Berkshire   The British Saddleback   The Duroc   Gloucestershire Old Spots
Hampshire   Landrace   Large Black   Large White
The Hampshire   The British Landrace   The Large Black   The Large White
  Middle White   Oxford Sandy and Black   Pietrain
The Mangalitza     The Middle White   Oxford Sandy and Black   The Pietrain
    Tamworth   Welsh    
    The Tamworth   The Welsh    

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