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Reports of the meetings of the Show Committee

The first meeting of the new Show Committee was held in November.

The next meeting is provisionally scheduled for 24th March 2010


Date of Meeting: 18th November 2009
Election of Vice Chairman Nick Kiddy
Deputies for Council Sharon Barnfield and Nick Kiddy

The main part of the meeting was to initiate a three year plan for the Committee under several headings.

1. BPA Sponsored Shows
These are now to be BPA Accredited Shows rather than BPA Sponsored Shows. A working party has been set up to review BPA Accredited Shows which could now include one day Shows as well as the established County Shows. The BPA general and special conditions were circulated among the Committee members. A commitment to ensure that the BPA rules were enforced was accepted. This would be over a three year period. It would involve checking the identity of all pigs at BPA Shows and include the co operation of Show Reps, Stewards and Show Livestock Officers. A move would also be made to check the ear numbers of pigs entered for these Shows as a three year plan.

2 Judges Lists
The aim is to update the Judges Lists. It was agreed that in most cases that the new Judges would be appointed from the Apprentice Judges scheme although there might be on occasion a case for fast tracking in exceptional circumstances. It was agreed that the recommendations for the Apprentice Judges Scheme and the fast track Scheme would be taken from the Breed Representatives and that the Show Committee would oversee all appointments to the Judges lists. The Apprentice Judges Scheme was in operation and it was agreed to carry on with this.

3.BPA Show and Sale
It was agreed to carry on with a Show and Sale, the target being that it would pay for itself. Nick Hunkin reported on the 2009 Show and Sale at Ross on Wye and stated that the date for 2010 was 25th September. A Show and Sale sub committee was set up.

4. Youth Group
Tracey Bretherton reported that she had organised a competition at The English Winter Fair. A report of this will appear in the next BPA Newsletter. She mentioned the possibility of introducing Piggy Camps and developing a Young Members` Committee with its own section in the BPA Newsletter. Council will need to discuss how the Youth Working Group can be managed within the present BPA Committee structure.

5.Novice Classes
It was suggested that Novice Classes at Shows will be one way of encouraging new exhibitors.

6. Fund Raising
Committee Members were asked to think about possible fundraising schemes before the next meeting. It was suggested that there might be a return to advertising on BPA promotion boards as there had been in the past.


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