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Where Does Your Food Come From?

Pedigree is the oldest form of traceability. Pedigree is like a family tree and the BPA can trace the breeding of our pedigree pigs through three centuries.

Pedigree pork is produced by dedicated breeders with small herds of pedigree pigs. The BPA website has details of the producers in your area. You can give them a ring and ask how they produce their pork. You may even be able to arrange a visit, especially if there is a farm shop. Find out which farmers markets they attend and go and speak to them personally. We guarantee you won't get transferred to a customer service call centre. Our producers are proud of their pigs and the way they rear them. They are only too happy to answer your questions.

Pedigree pork produced by breeders you can talk to from pigs that you see over the fence on your way home from work.

Visit a local agricultural show in your area to see pedigree pigs on display and meet the breeders.



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