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The History of the BPA:
Commercial Producers are Welcomed into NPBA

In 1982 the Association launched a commercial section to represent the interests of commercial pig breeders. This in turn led to the establishment of the Allied Industry Group representing all the companies associated with pig production and supplying the industry. A new quarterly magazine, National Pig News, was published to replace the NPBA Gazette.

The Voice of the Pig Industry

Graph: Adjusted Euro Spec Average Price (UK)In 1991 the Association was renamed the British Pig Association and for a further decade worked hard to be the Voice of the Pig Industry with the publication of its monthly Pig Industry magazine. Sadly confusion resulted from two organisations claiming to represent the industry; The British Pig Association and the National Farmers Union Pigs Committee. As the pig industry crisis of the late 1990ís deepened, with prices in September 1998 falling below 60 pence per kilo and farmers taking to the streets to protest government policies, many producers demanded a rationalisation of representation. Another attempt to form a single organisation to promote the interests of commercial producers was clearly the answer. So it was that in 1999 the Commercial and Allied Industry Committees of the British Pig Association were merged with the NFU pigs committee to form a new organisation for commercial pig producers, the National Pig Association.

Falling prices bring pig farmers out onto the streets to protest against low welfare imports
Falling prices bring pig farmers out onto the streets to protest
against low welfare imports


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