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The History of the BPA:
Another Breed Joins the NPBA

More pedigree societies were formed and in the early part of the 20th Century the Berkshire breed joined the association. It was also during this time that Alec Hobson took over as NPBA secretary when the Associations offices were in Derby. He recognised that the association was too far removed from the seat of power and urged that the headquarters was moved to London. It was also Alec Hobson who gave impetus to setting new standards to enhance the improvement of pedigree pigs and stepped up the efficiency of the association as an effective representative organisation for pedigree pig breeders.

  Mr N Beniafield's 'Commander in Chief'

Mr N Beniafield's 'Commander in Chief',
Bath and West champion 1904

Early Publications

The new vigour was clearly illustrated by the launching of a quarterly journal, the NPBA Gazette, in November 1927. In his first editorial, Mr. Hobson wrote: "We believe that members will appreciate any attempt to keep them better informed of what is happening within the association. Nothing elaborate or pretentious is to be attempted. The Gazette will be produced once a quarter for a year as an experiment. If we are content to start in a small way we can't fall far, but as the best view is always obtained from a height, so we must aspire to better things as time elapses and we gain experience."

The Gazette continued to be published for more than 50 years. It recorded the activities of the association, as Alec Hobson intended. That first issue included details of an NPBA council meeting, a list of auction sales for various breeds, the names of newly appointed judges for the Berkshire, Large White, Middle White and Tamworth breeds and contained a plug for volume seven of the Pig Breeders' Annual, a well-established year book produced by the NPBA, which was described as being of "astonishing value" at 2s lid, post free. The annual dealt with pig breeding, feeding and management from "almost every angle". The Gazette also gave added appeal to its pages by including the main pig issues of the day.

A reference to a report of the Scottish Pig Industry Committee has a familiar ring. The committee recommends: "Do not go in and out of pig breeding and feeding. Take the rough of the markets with the smooth. Sell your store pigs as far as possible direct to the feeder. Confine feeding pigs to warm quarters in winter to ensure rapid progress with an economical ration. Aim at a high standard of quality, steadily develop your output and take an interest in the important question of organising supplies to the market."



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