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The History of the BPA:
Welcome to the Wessex

"Gift of Evergreen" - Championship and medal at the Wiltshire Show 1930

"Gift of Evergreen" - Championship and medal at the Wiltshire Show 1930

On the domestic front, the Wessex Saddleback Society joined the NPBA on January 1, 1929. Never short of a comment, the Gazette declared: 'The actual process of fusion is proceeding with only the usual little difficulties to be expected in view of our new friends' unfamiliarity with NPBA principles although there is no doubt that the Wessex members will find these rules just as easy to work as the older members of the NPBA."

The editorial comment continued: 'The NPBA is out to encourage the breeding of pigs which are economical to feed, prolific, of good quality and which will yield the maximum of prime parts and minimum of waste, whether for bacon or pork. Despite suggestions to the contrary from sadly misinformed quarters there is no preference shewn for any one breed. The association never has, and it is hoped, never will encourage inter-breed jealousies, but despite its five breeds it does encourage inter-breed competition."

Carcase competitions were also started by the association in the late 1920s with the results being related to the various breeds as producers became increasingly aware of the importance of introducing standards of production and improving the quality of the end product. Breeders had to begin to reconcile the need for a quality product to be sold to the consumer with the requirements of a pig that had to lead a life outdoors.



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