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The History of the BPA:
The arrival of the Landrace

The first Landrace to appear in the NPBA Gazette
The first Landrace to appear in the NPBA Gazette

But the continued pressure for improvement inevitably led longing glances across the North Sea where the Danish Landraces had gained a big reputation for bacon production. The British pig was not, said some, meeting the requirements of the bacon trade and fresh blood was needed. A small group of producers decided they would import the Danish Landrace and establish the breed in Britain and a formal application was made to the Ministry of Agriculture for an official importation. A limited number of Landrace had already found their way into this country but a bigger shipment was needed to establish the breed.

The Ministry refused to allow the importation unless the whole affair was administered by a broad-based organisation with the experience to set and enforce breed standards. The NPBA was the obvious choice. So the Ministry asked the association to arrange the importation and distribution of the pigs. Stock was eventually brought in from Sweden as the Danes had spoilt their record by sending pigs to Canada, which did not perform well in Canadian testing schemes. For some years the recipients of the imported stock maintained their own herd book but in 1978 the Landrace Breed Society merged with the NPBA.



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