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  Production Systems

Britain continues to lead the way in new and innovative methods of pig production. The need to reduce capital investment has been coupled with a demand from the consumer for increased standards of animal welfare and has resulted in new methods of husbandry.

High welfare housed systems:
A ban on stalls and tethers in response to demands from consumers insisting on higher levels of animal welfare was introduced in the UK in advance of any other EU country. Breeding stock and technology have been developed for systems that allow for loose housing of groups of sows in straw yards.

Low capital cost extensive systems:
The need to reduce capital investment and maintain high levels of welfare have led to re-invention of outdoor pig keeping on an massive scale. The face of the countryside has been changed with the development of extensive production units for hundreds of sows.

As animal welfare takes on increasing importance in world trade negotiations Britain leads the way in breeding stock and technology for the future.

  Breeding Unit

Breeding Unit

A complete breeding unit at a very low cost per sow



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