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Trichinella testing

The EU refuses to recognise that the UK is free of Trichinella. The testing we do at present is enough to maintain free status but they do not accept that we have done enough to establish free status in the first place.

The only way we can achieve free status is to follow their testing programme for three years. After that we can go back to the current testing programme base...d on cull sows and boars.

The good news is that the testing is paid for by the Food Standards Agency.

The testing programme will be fully implemented from November 1st.

BPA is working with other industry organisations to get the best possible interpretation of the rules to reduce the impact on our members and small scale producers.

November 2014
Following a meeting with FSA they have agreed that there will be no retrospective action against pig keepers who declare their premises as controlled housing in good faith. .

The directive allows pigs with some outdoor access to be considered as controlled housing subject to a risk assesment. The FSA is working on this risk assesemnt and expects to  have some more guidance for pig producers in the new year.

If your pigs are completely free range in teh woods then you are not going to meet the conditions for controlled housing but if your pigs spend part or thie lives in buildings then you may be able to claim controlled housing.

Declaring your pigs as non-controlled housing should not be a problem is the testing regime is being run properly. We need feedback from members who are having problems with testing particulalry if you are unable to get your carcasses back in good time.

Ocotber 2014
FSA have written to all abattoirs on 22nd October confirmting that they have to test pigs which are not declared as "controlled housing" on the EAML2 movement licence. We have been asking FSA to work with us to produce a pragmatic interpretation of "controlled housing" but that will not now be available until 2015 at the earliest. In the meantime please let us know of any problems you may be experiencing with the testing process. Click here for a copy of the rules on "controlled housing"

A survey of our pedigree pork members suggests most abbattoirs have a plan for implementing Trichinela testing. If you are still experiencing problems with your abbattoir accepting pigs that require testing, charging for the test or excessive delays in returning carcasses please let us know your problems by email with the name of the abbattoir so that we can follow this up with FSA

June 16th 2014

Confirmation from the FSA website that all the testing costs are paid by FSA if using their service the only charge might be time taken to collect the sample. Also that they are working with the abbattoirs to get everything in place by October. Click here

Carcasses that have been tested may still be moved to secondary cutting plants whislt awaiting results and abbatoirs can make their own arrangements with the inspectors to release the carcasses once the test results have been received.

June 2nd 2014

Some FSA officials at abbatoirs are trying to implement the full programme today inspite of guidance from the Food Standards Agency. The Q&A below is taken from an FSA document circulated to the abbatoirs. If you are experiencing problems with delays in the release of your carcasses or extra charges for testing please contact the office by email or speak to a member of the Pedigree Pork Committee with details of the abattoir and the probem. We will be meeting the FSA on June 10th.

Q12.    When does industry need to be compliant with this requirement?

A12.    We recognise that it will take us time to get the systems in place for the new Trichinella testing regime working correctly across the UK right from making sure producers are aware of the new requirements, and complete Food Chain Information forms correctly, to food business operators having the necessary systems in place. Feedback has been clear that this will not be ready for June. We therefore intend to work with food business operators over the coming months to ensure that awareness of the changes improves, and the necessary steps are taken to ensure UK pigs can be tested in compliance with the testing requirements.

We expect the UK industry to be compliant with the new regulations by the end of October 2014.



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