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Owning a Pedigree Pig - Record pig movements

As well as knowing where the herds are Defra and Animal Health also need to be able to trace the movements of pigs in case they may have spread disease.

Pig movements must be accompanied by an AMLS2 movement document. The person you are buying the pigs from will be responsible for providing the AMLS2. In the event of a disease outbreak the AMLS2 provides traceability because Defra knows where the pigs are and where they have been .

You must send the white copy to your Local Authoritys Trading Standards Animal Health department within 3 days of the pigs arriving. You retain the pink copy of the AMLS2 for at least 6 months.

In addition to the movement licence all pig movements on and off your farm must be recorded in your movement book.

The Pigs (Records, Identification and Movement) 2007
Name and address of the person keeping the record
Date of
The Identification
number or
temporary mark
Number of pigs Holding from
which moved
Holding to which
01/05/09 Eartag HDL/123 1 My Holding Full
address CPH
Mr New Holding
Full address CPH

You need to record each movement of a pig on or off the holding within 36 hours of the movement.
Once a year you need to record the maximum number of pigs normally present on the holding.
These records can be in written or electronic form.
You need to keep these records for 6 years after you stop keeping pigs.
Your records must be available for inspection by the Local Authority.

Bob Stevenson MRCVS

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BPA Leaflet

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