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Owning a Pedigree Pig - Welfare in Transport

“No person shall transport animals or cause animals to be transported in a way that is likely to cause injury or undue suffering to them”

All persons who take animals on a journey, whatever the length, should always apply the following good transport practice:

• The journey is properly planned and time is kept to a minimum and the animals are checked and their needs met during the journey .

• The animals are fit to travel.

• The vehicle and the loading and unloading facilities are designed, constructed and maintained to avoid injury and suffering.

• Those handling animals are trained or competent in the task and do not use violence or any methods likely to cause unnecessary fear, injury or suffering.

• Water, feed and rest are given to the animals as needed, and sufficient floor space and height are allowed.

• You will need to obtain a transporter authorisation and certificate of competence if you undertake journeys over 40 miles. Visit www.nptc.org.uk for a list of assessment centres where you can obtain a certificate.  For journeys over eight hours you will also need to have your vehicle approved and, if undertaking export journeys, a system of satellite tracking fitted.

If you have any reason for concern about the treatment of an animal during transport please bring it to the attention of the Local Authority (normally the Trading Standards Department) or Animal Health at your nearest Animal Health Divisional Office.

Bob Stevenson MRCVS

Farm Health Plan

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BPA Leaflet

BPA working with Defra have produced a leaflet covering Responsibilities and Legal Obligations



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