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Happy pigs are Healthy pigs - FAQ's - 2009

Q1. I have purchased some pigs to put in an area of woodland. Three of the four have not eaten for two days and are huddled in the kennel arrangement that I have built in the wood. I do not know whether I need to be worried because I have not kept pigs before. What would you suggest?

Q2. I discovered that a weaner in a litter group of 10 had died overnight.  They are about 20Kg in weight and one other is behaving oddly and trying to climb up the wall of the stable that I keep them in. What could it be and is there something I ought to give the ill one? I think that it is something to do with the boar because I lost two pigs which behaved oddly in a previous litter.

Q3. I seem to have more loose dung on the floors of pens which contain growing pigs in groups of 12 to 15. The pigs are not growing as well as I would like. Could it be the anything to do with the pig feed?

Q4. I have four point of service gilts that I keep in an orchard. Yesterday one of the gilts did not emerge from her hut to feed and today she came out at feeding time but was sick. She produced a lot of yellow mucus containing liquid which did not contain any feed. What could cause this vomiting and should I do anything to help?

Q5. What is the best way to dispatch a piglet that is less than one day old?

Q6.Should I always give iron to my piglets?

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Disclaimer - The information provided on these pages is offered in good faith in response to hypothetical situations. You should always consult your own vet for specific veterinary advice for your own herd. The British Pig Association accepts no responsibility for any outcomes resulting from the use of this information. All content is copyright protected.


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