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Happy pigs are Healthy pigs - FAQ's - 2010

Q Whats the best type of pig to set to work clearing a rough patch of hilly ground?

Q Is it necessary to vaccinate my outdoor breeding pigs against erysipelas?

Q Im uncertain about whether I should insert nose rings in my outdoor breeding pigs. Id be very interested in your considered opinion.

Q My sows and the boar have dirty, scabby areas on their legs, like the one in the photograph. I have used pig oil on these areas, which seems to have helped, but the marks remain. Sometimes, Ive noticed them bleeding a little, too. Is there something that I could spray the areas with that would be more effective?

Q The few gilts and sows that I keep have a very thin cover of hair. This is most apparent in the Tamworth, but Ive noticed the same condition on my Large Black and cross-bred pigs too. Theres almost a total loss of hair cover along the sides and hind limbs. What do you think is causing this and should I be concerned?

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Disclaimer - The information provided on these pages is offered in good faith in response to hypothetical situations. You should always consult your own vet for specific veterinary advice for your own herd. The British Pig Association accepts no responsibility for any outcomes resulting from the use of this information. All content is copyright protected.


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