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BPA Accredited Shows

A full list of Accredited Shows will be published in the BPA Show Calendar (February 2015)

All pigs entered for BPA Accredited Shows must be Herdbook registered before entry so that the Herdbook Registration number can be printed in the catalogue. Some Shows allow entries for January to list the birth notified pigs from a single litter. In this case the pig selected for showing must be Herdbook registered before competing in the class.

Pigs entered for BPA Accredited Shows must be identified by notch or tattoo.

Breeding Sow Classes - BPA Special Conditions Rule 2

At all Shows in 2015, female pigs (all breeds) born before 1st  January 2014 shall be eligible to compete only if in the six calendar months prior to the Show they have farrowed, suckled and reared to four weeks of age, a litter of pigs.

Information for Show Societies:
General Conditions for BPA accredited shows
Special Conditions for BPA accredited and affiliated shows





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