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What is Pedigree Pork?

Pedigree Pork is a real alternative to the product you find on supermarket shelves.

Pedigree Pork is pork with a traditional taste.

Pedigree Pork comes from small herds of pedigree pigs produced by local farmers.

Grown more slowly to produce pork with a traditional flavour Pedigree Pork a taste worth waiting for.

Pedigree herds have records going back hundreds of years but the most important guarantee of traceability is that they are local and you can see for yourself how the pigs are produced.

Pedigree Pork is available from selected local butchers, farmers markets, farm shops and by mail order. Click on the link to our interactive search page to find your nearest butcher, farm shop or farmers market. Pedigree Pork Retailers

The average herd size of BPA registered producers is less than 10 sows.

Pedigree Pork Producers keep native British breeds in small herds. Pigs are produced in welfare friendly systems. Most breeding sows live outdoors for much of the year and when they are brought inside they are allowed to run loose in large straw bedded pens. Piglets stay with their mothers for longer and are grown slowly  to maturity to produce pork with a traditional taste and flavour.

Help Save our Native Breeds

In Britain we still have more different breeds of pig than any other European country. More than half of these breeds are at risk of extinction. The only way to ensure a sustainable future for our native breeds is to use them, which means eating them.

When you buy pedigree pork you get fantastic tasting meat and you also help to guarantee the future of our unique genetic heritage for generations to come.

Find out more about the breeds here.


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