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Pedigree Services

Welcome to our new Pedigree Services provided by Grassroots Systems Ltd.

Members and Non-Members (Guests) will all use the same login screen where you will find all the services previously available as well as new ones. If you are a first time user please take a mintute to scroll down to our instrcutional video.

Pedigree Breeders have been contributing data to the British Pig Association for publication in the herdbooks since 1884. All the data relating to the pigs which is submitted, verified and published by the Association becomes the intellectual property of the Association.

To further the charitable objectives of the Association this data is published both in print and in an on-line data base.

Any person wishing to  access this information  must confirm that they understand and agree that the Intellectual Property Rights in and to all or any of the data, results and information shall belong to and shall remain vested in the British Pig Association (BPA) unless agreed otherwise by the BPA. 

Any third party acquiring or using this data without prior consent of the BPA shall be in breach of these rights and the BPA shall seek to take whatever action is necessary to remedy that breach.

This means that the published data may not be copied or sold, or in any way reproduced without the express permission of the Association.

All information that is submitted via the website requires verification checks by the BPA to ensure the data is correct and therefore does not appear online until the next working day. Therefore if you want to register some pigs that you have just birth notified you will need to wait until the next working day to complete this. 

You can view a short introductory video explaining how the new system works.

And you can also download a user guide

Pedigree breeders with a package membership no longer need to issue forms before carrying out birth notes and registrations. Simply complete the on line birth notes and registration screens and submit them.

Schools, Institutions and others who do not have the package membership should purchase their forms on-line before completing their birth notes or registrations.

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