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The versatile indoor/outdoor pig!

The British Landrace is a very versatile breed, performing well under either indoor or outdoor systems of management.

Sows have the ability to produce and rear large litters of piglets with very good daily gain and high lean meat content, in a superbly fleshed carcase, which is ideal for either fresh pork or bacon production.

Conservation Targets

Try to establish the Aina, Ally, Anne, Asa, Asella, Cenette, Cynthia and Killegarden lines in more than one herd

Improve the distribution of the Elias, Nekton and Riber boar lines

Add the Nekton boar line to the Genebank

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British Landrace pig, conservation


The purpose of the conservation plan is to set out the goals for conserving our native breeds for the next year. The conservation service has successfully increased the number of Lassiter boars and now all boar lines are represented in the Genebank

British Landrace pig, breed standards

Breed Standard

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Breed History

The first Landrace pigs were imported into Britain from Sweden in 1949 (4 boars and 8 gilts) with other imports to follow from 1953 onwards, these came into Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

The British Landrace Pig Society was formed to create a herd book for the first offspring born 1950, from the 1949 importation

New bloodlines were imported into England, Scotland and Northern Ireland from Norway in the 1980s and some new bloodlines into Northern Ireland from Finland and more recently from Norway.

Over 90% of hybrid gilt production in Western Europe and North America uses Landrace bloodlines as the foundation for the profitable production of quality pigmeat.


Breed representatives

Mr N Overend
160 Moyagall Road Portglenone,
Co Antrim
N. Ireland BT44 8LX

07753 719288

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