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The Duroc is an old breed of domestic pig originating in the US.

The Duroc’s tenacity in looking after its young combined with its docility between times makes it an ideal candidate for an outdoor pig, either as a dam or sire line, and its succulence and heavy muscling makes it very suitable for anything from light pork to heavy hog production.

The Duroc’s thick auburn winter coat and hard skin allows them to survive the cold and wet of the British winter. This coat moults out in summer to leave the pig looking almost bald, but as a consequence it can cope with hot dry summers equally well.


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Breed History

In 1812, early "Red Hogs" were bred in New York and New Jersey. They were large in size. Large litters and the ability to grow quickly were characteristics Durocs possessed from the beginning.

The foundation that formed today's "Duroc" was comprised of Red Durocs from New York and Jersey Reds from New Jersey.

The Duroc made two attempts to gain a foothold in this country; the first in the early 70s was not very successful, although some of those pigs were exported on to Denmark.
They were re-imported in the early 80s and a comprehensive trial was undertaken by the MLC to assess the merits of the Duroc as a terminal sire.


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Mrs J  Walton
Church Farm
Cheshire CH2 4BE

01244 851705

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