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Once renowned as a Lard Pig capable of producing 70 litres of rendered fat, the Mangalitza has carved out new niche markets in forestry projects and the production of special hams and salamis. The breed was featured at the Salone Del Gusto in Turin in 2004.

The meat is well marbled so that it is tastier and less dry than that from more modern breeds. The fat is also special as it has a higher level of monounsaturated fats, meaning it goes rancid less easily which is good for long curing. It also has a healthier balance of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids than seed oils which have become so popular in modern cookery.

Conservation Targets

Improve the distribution of the Abbottess, Delight and Princess sow lines

Improve the distribution of the Curly, Leader, Ronnie and Wonder boar lines
Develop a strategy to raise the Effective Population size above Ne = 50

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Buyers Guide

The Mangalitza is quite different to other breeds with its woolly looking coat. It is traditionally found in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Romania and Switzerland. This was a breed on the brink of distinction but has seen a revival in recent years.
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Lisa Hodgson from beautiful North Yorkshire has a herd of flourishing Otterburn Mangalitzas after first seeing them at Beamish Open Air Museum and became intrigued by the breed.
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Survey Results

The purpose of the survey is to monitor the number of breeding pigs within the country

Mangalitza pig, me and my pigs

Breed Standard

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Breed History

The whole Mangalitza breed was almost lost with the total population world-wide down to less than 150 sows in 1993.

Thanks to the work of a small group of dedicated breeders, the Mangalitza has been brought back from the verge of extinction. It is now farmed on large units in Hungary and has been exported to North America as well as the UK.

Imported into the UK in 2006, there are 7 female lines and 3 boar lines established. There are three distinct types within the breed : the Blonde, the Red and the unique Swallow Bellied with its white underline.

All three types are very hardy. The Swallow bellied Mangalitza was developed in the 1800’s from crossing the Blonde with the Black Mangalitza.


Breed representatives

Mrs L Hodgson
Low Farm Carlton
N Yorkshire
YO62 5HQ

07808 721293

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