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Oxford Sandy and Black

The Oxford Sandy and Black has enjoyed a resurgence of late.

The Oxford Sandy and Black also known as the ‘plum pudding pig’ or sometimes ‘the Oxford forest pig are an attractive docile pig. A traditional farmers and cottagers pig, of the middle part of the country, especially around Oxfordshire. It seems to be closely linked to the old Berkshire and Tamworth.

These pigs have been on the brink of extinction a couple of times but the hard work of a few dedicated breeders maintained the numbers. These pigs have enjoyed a resurgence in numbers in recent years.

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Conservation Targets

Have all the sow lines represented in 6 out of 8 BPA regions

Build up the Sybil line, arrest the decline in the Elsie line and make sure the Alistair boar line doesn’t fall too far behind whilst maintaining breed standards

Select two unrelated boars to go into the genebank in 2021

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Oxford Sandy and Black pig, buying guide

Buyers Guide

This was a breed that was once on the verge of disappearing completely but thanks to the work of a few it survived and has grown in popularity. The Oxford Sandy and Black is a docile, hardy and prolific pig and therefore a great pig for first time keepers.
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Berkshire pig, me and my pigs

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Josh Farrell, an enthusiast who manages to combine his life-long interest in pigs with a rewarding and fulfilling career with his herd of Oxford Sandy and Blacks at Nightingale Community Academy in Tooting, South London. 
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Oxford Sandy and Black pig, me and my pigs


The Oxford Sandy and Black whilst enjoying some popularity at present with a good spread of different bloodlines across the country requires some breed improvement in some lines to ensure the quality of the breeding stock.

Oxford Sandy and Black pig, breed standards

Breed Standard

Thinking about buying an Oxford Sandy & Black? Find out more about the essential characteristics that define the breed.
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Breed History

The breed has existed for 200 to 300 years.

The breed has reached crisis point at least twice in it’s past when numbers dropped so low that extinction was a real possibility.

As long ago as the 1940’s boar licensing had dropped to one or two a year for OSB’s. But for a few dedicated breeders the breed would surely have been lost.

There were 29 herds listed in the first herd book with 15 Boars and 62 Sows. Sadly some of the bloodlines have been lost, but today’s dedicated breeders are determined to save the remaining lines.


Breed representatives

Breeders club

Mr D Aldous
Barley Fen
Gosfield Road
Wethersfield, Braintree
Essex CM7 4AH

07506 722383

Ms J Mathews
Green Lane Farm
Main Road, Broughton,
Chester CH4 0NS

07971 551313

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