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National Pig Awards 2021
Pedigree Pig Breeder of the Year

       Conservation breeder of the year will recognise breeders who have made a significant contribution to the Conservation Breeding plans for their breeds and shown a commitment to safeguarding the genetic diversity of their breed through breeding, promotion and mentoring of new breeders.
Entry Form for Conservation Breeder Award

       Pedigree Pork Producer of the year will celebrate producers who have established a successful pork business based on pedigree pigs either home bred or bought in and demonstrated the importance of sustainable use to the long term conservation of our pedigree breeds. In particular we are interested in stories of how producers have adapted to doing business during the pandemic.
Entry Form for Pedigree Pork Producer Award

       New Pedigree Breeder of the Year represents the core element of pedigree breeding -  Passing it on to the next generation. We will be looking for new pedigree breeders who have joined the association within the last 5 years and have made the best start to building their pedigree herd. Open to all ages of members who have their own herd.
Entry Form for New Pedgiree Breeder Award

       A Panel of 6 judges will evaluate all the entries and the shortlisted candidates may be interviewed by video conference or in person during a farm visit. The winners of each class will be invited as finalists to the Awards Ceremony in London on November 22nd where the overall winner of the Pedigree Pig Breeder of the Year will be announced.



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