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Pedigree Advice

Your first point of contact for questions about pedigree breeding should always be your breed rep. They can often give you more detailed advice on pig keeping than our office staff and may be available in the evenings as well.

Breed Rep contact details can be found on each of the breed pages. We also have Regional Representatives who can help you and their details can be found here

Identification - The BPA recommends tattooing or notching for pedigree identification

Birth Notification - All litters should be notified. Pedigree Breeder members must individually identiy each pig in the litter and birth notify the whole litter. Pedigree Pork Producers can notify the whole litter as a batch without individual ID. These pigs cannot be sold for breeding.

Herdbook Registration - Only Pedigree Breeder members can register pigs in the Herdbook for breeding and they must meet the Breed Standard which can be found on each breed information page

Herd Book Registration guidelines

Buying a Pedigree Pig - Make sure you buy the real thing
Pedigree Breeding - The First Steps
Pedigree Breeding - The Next Generation
Pedigree Artificial Insemination - Semen from pedigree registgered boars of most BPA breeds is available from the Deerpark Pedigree Pigs AI Centre

Exporting Pedigree Pigs - Certification and Promotion
Export Pedigree Certification Conditions

Export Pedigree Certification Charges

Export Promotion - The BPA works with AHDB and DIT to promote exports of UK breeding stock visit the UK Technology for Agriculture and Genetics (UKTAG) website for detials

Export Health Certificaiton -  The BPA works with Defra, APHA and other industry organisations to secure the widest possible Market Access for UK breeding stock and genetics. Visit the UK Export Certifcation Partneship (UKECP) website for detials


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  Updated contact information and breed information as well as Pedigree Pork can be found on the new BPA website