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Melton Mowbray Show and Sale 2021 Catalogue
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Updated show conditions and competition rules for the current year are available below.

Judges lists are have been updated by the Show Committee meeting for use by Show Societies selecting their judges for the 2022 season

Movements to Shows using eAML2
All Show movements in England and Wales must be reported using the eAML2 website. www.eaml2.org.uk

A comprehensive help section has instructions on how to use the system for all types of moves. Key documents for show exhibitors:

How To Create A Farm to Show Licence
User Guide to create a farm to show movement and return journey

Show Sale Template
Buying or selling pigs at a show

Confirming A Show Purchase
Guide on how to register pigs purchased at a show

International Exhibitions and Shows  - click here.

Information for Show Societies:
General Conditions for BPA accredited shows
General Conditions for BPA affiliated shows
Special Conditions for BPA accredited and affiliated shows
Pig of the Year rules 
Young Pig of the Year rules

Affiliated Shows and Single Breed Classes Judges
All Modern Breeds Judges
All Traditional Breeds Judges
Interbreeds Judges


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