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When you join the British Pig Assocaition you are supporting one of the longest running and most succesful conservation projects in the UK. You can read about our history in the About section but the most important thing is that we have more native pig breeds than other Western country and we have not lost a pig breed since the 1970s

We have two main types of membership.

Pedigree Breeding is the for those who want to sell herdbook registered breeding stock to other breeders which they can use for breeding pedigree pigs. It requires the highest standards of identification with individual recording and identification of all pigs at birth. Tattooing or notching are the preferred methods of identification although you can opt to double tag. Cost of membership is based on number of female registered pigs within the herd.

Pedigree Breeder Membership Form

Pedigree Pork is for those who just want to produce pigs for meat but want to be able to sell their pork as Pedigree Pork and for use the breed names in their marketing. Litters are recorded as a batch and so individual identification at birth is not required. You must comply with government rules on ID but in most cases this means that a single tag when you sell the pig will be enough. You must sign the Pedigree Pork Pledge and follow the rules of Pedigree Pork Scheme. There are two levels of membership – Producer and Fattener. Producer is for those breeding their own pigs for fattening. Fattener is for those who only want to buy in weaners for fattening and will not be breeding.

Pedigree Pork Producer Membership Form
Pedigree Pork Fattener Membership Form

Already a BPA member and you want to sell Pedigree Pork? Complete this form to join the scheme.

We also have a Conservation Club for those who  would like to support the efforts of our breeders and our conservation projects such as the Heritage GeneBank even if you are not lucky enough to be able to keep these marvellous pigs yourself.  Membership Form

All applications require an original signature so please print out the forms and return them by post or scan them after signing and email them back to us.

All members recieve our quarterly magazine Practical Pigs which is full of news and informative articles

Schools, Local Authority and Government Farms and other institutional members please contact the office for membership options.

International Members please contact the office for details of membership options.

We also have a very active Junior Pig Club

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